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Learn English with Video Games

Learn English with Video Games

We live in a globalized world, where cultures mix and evolve hand in hand. For this reason, it is our duty to teach English to the new generations, the sooner the better. Here at Kidmons, we think that video games are the perfect tool to spread knowledge to the new generations. But, before addressing how children can learn English with video games, we must ask ourselves; why is it essential to know how to speak English?

Why learn English?

Nowadays, it is almost indispensable to know how to speak English, since it opens up many opportunities, whether professional, social, or cultural.

Global language

Indeed, English is a global language, and this fact is known all over the world. In 2023, it became the world’s most spoken language, ahead of Mandarin, with more than 1.4 billion speakers. It is the official language in a total of 67 countries and the first language used in the workplace. Not only is it recommended to know how to speak English, but it is also expected when it comes to finding a job. Therefore, it is essential to teach English to young people.

Content accessibility

The majority of the content we can find on the web is in English. Whether it’s on social networks, movies, series, or even cartoons, a large part of the media we consume today is produced in English. Likewise, knowing how to speak English gives us access to a wider catalog of content.

Fostering cultural development

With access to so many different sources, English can foster cultural development and open-mindedness. Exposure to all kinds of media, cultures, points of view, and languages will make children more open-minded and tolerant. Therefore, learning English helps children in their personal development and helps them connect with the rest of the world.

Is It Possible to Learn English with Video Games?

We have seen the importance of English in our society today, but we also have to ask ourselves: is it really possible to learn English with video games? Why should we rely on this medium?

Content adapted to children

Video games have evolved a lot since their creation. Today, there are different types of video games and among them, there are educational video games and video games for children. These video games are designed to be attractive and adapted to children. They use a series of images, dialogues, colors, and other elements to capture the attention of young people and introduce them to concepts adapted to their age. The target audience for a particular game helps us to know if a title can be beneficial for children and what it can teach them.

Encourage learning

Video games for children and educational video games are perfect for teaching concepts and basics to little ones in an interesting, attractive, and playful way. Children learn better when playing, because we can catch their attention and keep them motivated. With a set of goals to meet and rewards for achieving them, children feel motivated, capable and learn without getting discouraged or bored. This builds their confidence in their own abilities while teaching them new skills in a fun and playful way.

Developing language skills with video games

When playing a video game in another language or with certain elements in another language, children develop several aspects of their language skills without even realizing it. Indeed, the dialogues and instructions allow them to develop their reading skills as well as their comprehension and written expression. Additionally, in-game movies often contain dialogues, which allow them to practice their oral comprehension. In short, children can learn many things about another language through video games.

Learn English with Video Games at Kidmons

At Kidmons, we have several titles to help children learn English with video games. Let’s learn!

For beginners

At Kidmons, we have a series of puzzle games called Puzzle for Kids that focus on teaching English progressively. At the moment, we have three different titles: Puzzle 4 Kids, Puzzle for Kids: Wonders, and Puzzle for Kids: Safari. The first two titles are perfect for introducing English basics to little ones. The object of the game is to arrange the puzzle pieces to recreate a picture and learn the corresponding word in English. They can describe the names of various animals, everyday objects, and even monuments and places in the world.

For the more daring

Puzzle for Kids: Safari sube la dificultad al próximo nivel puesto que se centra también en enseñar a los niños como deletrear las palabras que ya han visto. Tienen que poner las letras en el orden correcto para reproducir una palabra en inglés, y permite mejorar su memoria y expresión escrita en inglés. Además, para los que quieren un challenge extra, cada uno de nuestros videojuegos como Labyrinth Adventures, Kitten Pet Carer o Simon Memorize Online están disponible en los siguientes idiomas: español, francés, ruso, polaco, alemán, italiano, turco e inglés.

Puzzle for Kids: Safari takes the difficulty to the next level as it also focuses on teaching children how to spell the words they have already seen. They have to put the letters in the correct order to reproduce an English word, and it allows them to improve their memory and written expression in English. In addition, for those who want an extra challenge, video games such as Labyrinth Adventures, Kitten Pet Carer or Simon Memorize Online are available in the following languages: Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, German, Italian, Turkish, and English.


Video games are a perfect and very useful tool for teaching English and other languages to children. It fosters their cognitive, social, and cultural development, and helps them to be more open-minded. They are made to be attractive and motivate children to learn in a playful and fun way.