Puzzle for Kids: Safari
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Puzzle for kids: Safari is a puzzle game that helps your kid spelling while he is having fun learning new words. Besides, thanks to Puzzle for kids: Safari they will learn to identify the different animals, how they are called and how it is written. It also helps the memory because, as we show the correct image and word first, your kid will have to remember the order of the letters and the photo to get the puzzle right. This will increase is logical thinking and his capacity to build images, as well as to have a first contact with perspective.
Kids love animals, so making a spelling online game using pictures of their favorite animals is a great idea to get their attention. The will learn how to spell shark, tiger or giraffe and will get to know new animal names like orca or grizzly. And little by little the level will increase; more difficult words will appear and the puzzles will have more pieces to put in the right place. In addition to that, puzzles are a challenge for kids and they give them lots of benefits. They need to be concentrated on the puzzle piece, analyze it and look for other pieces who are similar to the shape, color or painting. In Puzzle for kids: Safari they have to analyze the piece to put it in the right order but they also have to do that with the letter. With this free game they learn no identify each letter and start to understand that each one has a specific place in the word and that there is a logical order. Puzzles boost the observation abilities of boys and girls, as well as their analyzing skills, concentration and attention. Puzzle for kids: Safari also trains their visual memory because they need to remember in what order where the images and letters. They will also train their patience thanks to this browser game and accept making mistakes as a part of the learning process. Besides, children are very visual, they are curious and like to discover the world that surround them with their own eyes. That is why if they connect an image to a letter it will be easier for them to retain the information. Moreover, Puzzle for kids: Safari introduces kids into the world of new technologies. They can use a computer, a mobile phone whereas it’s iPhone or Android, or a Tablet or iPad to play the game. This way they learn how to use devices, and it’s important nowadays for kids to receive this kind of technology education because they are going to grow in a world more and more technological where knowing and using these devices will be mandatory. In short, this free online puzzle game for kids is a great way to keep them entertained while they learn new vocabulary and work their spelling. A fun, distracting and easy way of educating your children at home and helping them improve their cognitive abilities, their visual memory and their computing skills.