Photo games for kids

Let your kids build their own imaginative world with these photo games. Their creativity will arose and they will have fun imagining improbable universes. They will learn to see the world from different perspectives and points of view using their imagination. With our online photo games they will be able to make up their own stories, and they will do it for free. Photography is a discipline that helps children discover and be aware of everything that surrounds them. They will start noticing the different dimensions, shapes and sizes. Your kids can modify the photos they take; add some funny stickers or create amazing stories by following their inspiration. And they can do all this with an iPad or a Tablet, an iPhone or an Android, and even a computer. Have fun playing with photos and let your imagination flow next to your kid’s.

Selfie Stickers

Let your kid’s creativity grow thanks to Selfie Stickers, a video game where our little ones can play with their imagination by modifying their favorite photos. They will have fun using the sticker...