Puzzle 4 Kids
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With Puzzle 4 kids your children won’t just be doing puzzles and having fun, they will also be learning new words and improving their reading. In this game your kids can solve puzzles of dinosaurs, food, sports, kitchen stuff, furniture, animals or transports and learn the words that designate each thing.
Playing video games is the best way for kids to learn new things because when they have fun they retain the information better. Letting know the children that learning can be fun is very important for their academic training and education. Let’s leave behind the boring learning systems and let’s try modern methods that motivate the kids. Video games improve critical thinking skills and reading comprehension, and can help kids to enjoy things they don’t like at school, like reading. It is a way to get their attention and to help them getting engaged in educational activities that will improve their intellectual development. They are also a great tool for individualized learning. Thanks to Puzzle 4 kids, every child can learn at his own pace without requiring any parental oversight. He can choose one of the 7 categories and start the puzzle placing the pieces in the right holes. It doesn’t matter if he gets one wrong, he can try as many times as he wants to match the pieces and at the end he will realize it’s ok to make mistakes because it helps you go forward. Each time he does a puzzle the name of the image will appear, which will help your kid relate the image with the word, the spelling and the reading. Besides, puzzles are a great way for children to get concentrated and to improve their observation capacity. They need to identify the different pieces and manage to find the one that fits thanks to the shape it has. This way they start to be aware of proportions, sizes and geometrical shapes. Your kid can play Puzzle 4 kids on any kind of device: an iPhone or Android mobile phone, a Tablet or an iPad, or a computer. This variety of options allows your children to play whenever and wherever he or she wants. As it’s an online game you don’t need to download anything and you can grab your kids attention whenever you need. Besides, it’s for free! The fact that Puzzle 4 kids can be played on these devices helps children getting interested in technology from an early age. Nowadays it’s important to teach them some basic technical skills because our kids will grow up in a technological world. Video games are a great option to introduce our kids in this universe, and to improve their spatial thinking, reasoning, memory, perception and problem-solving skills. So show Puzzle 4 kids to your children right now and let them have some fun while they improve their reading and they discover new words. Grab your phone or Tablet, hand it to your kid and watch how he solves every puzzle without losing pieces around the house while you enjoy some time to yourself.