Drawing Games for kids

Kids love to play with colors so what better idea than trying our drawing games? Let them have fun while their imagination runs wild and at the same time they increase their knowledge. Coloring and drawing are a way for children to communicate emotionally and to express themselves. Creating through drawings makes both cerebral hemispheres work hard; the right one is responsible for creativity and imagination and the left one controls the logic and organizational functions. Therefore, the drawing games improve their intellectual growth and their concentration. Besides, your kid can play to these games with an iPad or Tablet which is great because the tactile element will grab your child’s attention, and it’s the same with an iPhone or Android mobile. You can also place him in front of a computer if you prefer, this online free game also works with a mouse.

Coloring Book

This coloring book is perfect for small kids that are having a first contact with colors. They can choose between three palettes of colors with the different tones of blue, green, red, pink and ora...

Selfie Stickers

Let your kid’s creativity grow thanks to Selfie Stickers, a video game where our little ones can play with their imagination by modifying their favorite photos. They will have fun using the sticker...

Paint Online

Paint online is the perfect video game for kids that are fond of drawing and painting. Kids need to let their creativity fly away, and what better way than giving them the tools to create Art? Pain...