Simon Memorize
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Simon Memorize Online is an online and free version of the classic electronic game of memory skill “Simon”. These games, based on the simple children’s game “Simon says” are a great method to improve your kids’ concentration and memory capacity. He will learn to coordinate what he hears with what he sees, and to follow and reproduce the order shown which will train his cognitive skills and obedience.
Just like the classic device, Simon Memorize Online, has four colored buttons -green, yellow, red and blue- and each color makes a different sound when clicked on. The player’s goal is to recreate the order in which the game presses the buttons and as the game progresses the number of buttons to be pressed increases. It creates a challenge for the children who will look for their self-improvement each time they play, wanting to reach a higher score on the next game. Simon Memorize Online is aimed to improve children concentration and increase their attention capacity, as well as the observation skills. As they need to retain a color and a sound each time and repeat it in order again and again, their memory will have to work hard. If they make a mistake they will have to start over again which makes Simon Memorize Online much more entertaining and thrilling. This way their concentration will be put to test and they will want to keep on playing until they beat their own score. Thanks to the sounds each button makes and the fact that he has to retain it, as well as the combination with the other sounds, your kid will start to be aware of the sense of rhythm and will work on it. He will have to know what sound makes the red button and try to remember if next sound was the one on the green button or the yellow. And at the same time he will be helped by the colors and the fact that each time a button is pressed it lights up. Simon Memorize Online puts almost every sense into work; he needs to see the color, hear the sound and touch the button. It can also be helpful to improve your kid’s reaction speed. Each time he will play his response capacity will increase and be faster which will make him evolve intellectually. This online free game can also be played in group with friends in order to introduce your children to the joys of healthy competition. Besides, children can play Simon Memorize Online with an iPad or Tablet, any kind of mobile phone –Android or iPhone- or on a computer. This way they will start to be familiar with technological devices and will learn how to use them. Video games are a great option for educational methods because it allows the kids to relate fun to learning and that will motivate them when the time to study comes. So don’t wait any longer and show Simon Memorize Online to your kids!