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Bring the beautiful world of music to your kid thanks to the online game Piano Online Farm Animals. They will learn the musical notes and discover new sounds, and at the same time they will be able to play with the sounds of the animals. Piano Online Farm Animals is a fun way for kids to be familiar with a basic music instrument, such as the piano, and to wake up its interest in music. But you can also turn the traditional piano notes into the sounds that the animals make and create an original song.
Your kid can choose between eight different animals: a monkey, a sheep, a pig, a duck, a dog, a cat, a chicken, and a horse. He can turn the keyboard into an animal piano with the sounds of the animal he prefers and in which each key is a note made with the sound the animal makes. And for even more fun your kid can choose the mix key and play all the animals at the same time by switching notes. Children really enjoy hearing noises and new sounds, it is a way of expression for them and their curious minds always want to know more and more about the world that surrounds them. That is why this game is very entertaining for a kid; he will compose music with real notes or with cats’ meows, dogs’ barks, or ducks’ quacks. Animals Music Piano also gives kids the option to record the composition and replay it in order to play another piece at the same time. This free game shows children how to use an instrument and allows them to have a first look to scales and rhythm. Playing an instrument benefits the kid’s discipline too because it increases his responsibility; they have to study solfeggio to master the instrument. Music is such an important part of children’s education; it’s a way of communicating their feelings in an artistic way. It has intellectual benefits such as the improvement of the kids’ concentration and attention which ameliorates the school efficiency. From the psychological point of view, music wakes up and stimulates emotions and feelings. It is a learning tool that increases the memory, the analysis ability, and the reasoning. Thanks to Animals Music Piano your kids will have a first contact with sounds, and not only musical sounds. They will learn to identify the different animals thanks to the sounds they make which will improve their learning process. For kids from 2 to 5 years old this kind of musical games helps them discover and develop their expressive capabilities, musical skills and improves their psychomotor activity. This online html5 game will teach your kid’s coordination and will wake up his creativity. Your child can play with you or some friends which benefits his sociability skills and helps interaction. It is the perfect game to play and learn at the same time so grab your iPad or Tablet, your iPhone or Android phone, or a computer if you prefer, and let your kid discover the sound of music.