Labyrinth Adventures
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With Labyrinth Adventures your kids will train their concentration and challenge their navigation skills, while they have lots of fun. They will learn how to find the right path by accepting their errors, and they will realize that making mistakes is useful to get the good answer at the end. Mazes are great problem solving games for children and adults, and thanks to Labyrinth Adventures your kid will have to solve by himself a problem which will lead to his personal fulfillment and confidence. Let’s see what your children are capable of!
The Little Red Riding Hood needs to go to her sick grandmother’s house and deliver food to her, but in order to get there she has to cross some difficult labyrinths in the middle of the woods. But she has to be very careful because there are many wolves living in the maze that are waiting to eat all the food in the basket. Your kids will have to help this cute tale character by leading her through the woods and choosing the right path. Mazes exist to challenge our navigational skills so solving them improves our orientation. Labyrinths are challenging because of its sheer complexity that forces us to keep track of many calculations at the same time as we try to find the solution. Maze solving is a great exercise for the brain because navigating and exploring the environment is crucial for this organ and its development. According to the scientists, an animal that is not allowed to explore its environment in a proper way is not going to have a brain that is wired up correctly. Besides, Labyrinth Adventures is a great problem solving game where your kid will work on his executive functioning skills which are the decision-making processes everybody use, like; planning, organizing, sustained attention, flexibility, remembering details or strategizing. In this online game children will have to brainstorm various strategies to get from one point to another avoiding the wolves and dead ends. Mazes in general improve visual motor skills which are helpful in order to scan the maze and look for possible solutions. Labyrinth Adventures is a free online game with two levels of difficulty: easy and hard. Each level is composed of twenty mazes, so your kid can solve a total of forty mazes! Have him start with the easy level so he can experience immediate success and then, step by step, let him do the difficult ones so he can progress and evolve. Thanks to this, kids will improve their confidence and will not be afraid to fail. If we think about it we are exposed to mazes and labyrinths in our everyday life; navigating from one place to another is sort of solving a maze. Going from your home to your office or to the supermarket requires orientation and knowing the right path, just like in a maze. Labyrinth Adventures is an educational game for your kids because it introduces them to the basis of navigation. So grab your iPhone or Android phone, a Tablet or an iPad, or turn on the computer and watch how your kid has fun solving labyrinths!