Coloring Book
This coloring book is perfect for small kids that are having a first contact with colors. They can choose between three palettes of colors with the different tones of blue, green, red, pink and orange. The kids can also decide what drawing they want to color by choosing one of the four categories: animals, means of transportation, occupations and food. In each category there are six drawings, so in total your kid can choose between 24 drawings. A perfect way to let his creativity fly away.
The Coloring Book will help your kid to identify the different colors and realize that there is a whole spectrum in only one color; the sky and the sea are blue, but it’s not the same blue. It is also useful for them to make a connection between a color and an object; for example a pig is pink, an orange is orange, or a tree is green. This way they capture all this information and they expand their brain and knowledge. In the other hand they can get very creative and let their imagination grow by using the colors in an original way. Let them color a red cow eating blue grass under a green sky, why not? It is also important for kids and their education that they have fun while learning, and to let their creativity grow. This online and free game gives your children the opportunity to learn the colors and to use them the way they like. Painting and coloring have relaxing benefits, they strengthen creativity and improve concentration. It is actually very beneficial and recommended for adults too, in order to get rid of stress and to disconnect. It’s a great exercise to stimulate your brain and memory, beneficial for both adults and kids. The interest on the different colors stimulates the sensibility of the kids and they learn to get concentrated before coloring. To analyze the drawing before adding the colors. Besides, this game can be played on a computer, on a mobile phone like iPhone or Android and on a Tablet or iPad, so it’s a way to introduce kids to new technologies and to help them learn how to use them. They need to concentrate in order to click or touch a color and then drag it to the place they want, that also improves their reflexes and reaction and coordination skills. The psychomotor activity is also boosted thanks to that and the fact that the coloring activity helps the kid to communicate his emotions and to be more social. Coloring book is easy to use and it’s for free, your boy or girl can play online wherever and whenever he or she wants. It’s a great way to entertain him for a while and at the same time he will be learning the different colors, animals, professions, and foods that exist so he will be increasing his vocabulary and knowledge also. And no need to be carrying coloring books, paper sheets and crayons or pencils everywhere; a phone, a Tablet or a computer and your kid will be playing and learning for hours!