Let your kid’s creativity grow thanks to Selfie Stickers, a video game where our little ones can play with their imagination by modifying their favorite photos. They will have fun using the stickers to make hilarious creations by adding them to their selfies. They will use items such as cat eyes, toothless mouths, big clown noses, funny elf ears, moustaches and colorful eyebrows, as well as hats, bows, glasses and even bugs or stars. And once they are done they can even frame their masterpiece, save it or print it to hang it on the wall and show everyone what an artist he or she is.
With Selfie Stickers your kid will learn to drag the stickers where he wants and to know where the different parts of the face go. In this online game children can handle the items themselves and choose where to put them and how big they want them to be. This way they will start to be aware of the dimensions, to calculate how big things are and to realize there is a size difference between, for example, the nose and the mouth. Games are essential for kid’s education, it is easier for them to learn when they are having fun and it’s a great way for them to notice and be aware of the world that surrounds them. Selfie Stickers is also a great way for kids to get in touch with new technologies because this browser game can be played with a computer, a mobile phone or a Tablet. And it works both on iPhone and Android or Tablet and iPad, which is great and very useful to distract your kids if you are planning to travel with them or if you need some time alone to relax. Selfie Stickers helps to develop girls and boys creativity and imagination because they create themselves funny looking characters by adding items to their own photos, so the result comes entirely out of their minds. Besides, this videogame is a great method to teach your kids how to make fun of themselves. It is important –and healthy- to learn to laugh at yourself, this way whatever other people might say won’t hurt so much. We must remember that childhood is the most important period in a person’s growth and development, and by playing kids are expanding their education, their physical and mental abilities, their emotional intelligence, their imagination which increases happiness, and they are building their personality based on the things they like and enjoy. Games like Selfie Stickers help kids to think in a symbolic way since they are playing with abstract objects and creating things thanks to their imagination. This kind of games are very helpful to make the child take decisions and choices on his own, to make him realize what is real and what isn’t and how his actions have an impact on the people that surrounds him. In short, games influence the children’s future so, who knows, you might be raising a future artist or designer by introducing your kid to this creative and fun game!