Kitten Pet Carer
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Are your kids asking for a pet? With Kitten Pet Carer they will learn to take care of a cute little virtual cat. This way they will get ready to look after a real pet when the time comes. Thanks to Kitten Pet Carer they will have fun and at the same time they will learn to be responsible. Let your kids show you how well they can watch over a cat!
In Kitten Pet Carer your kid will have to pay attention to the kitten’s necessities; he will have to feed him, wash him, put him to sleep and take care of his health. Through these basic cares children will learn the importance and the difficulty of being a responsible pet owner. They will see that it requires time and dedication since the kitten needs to be fed often, he can get sick and if he doesn’t take a bath he will get dirty. On the top left of the screen there are four circles that indicate the levels of the kitten’s health, hunger, hygiene, and fatigue. We can also know what he needs by observing him. If the cat is hungry his eyes will get weepy and if he is tired and sleepy they will turn red. We will have to go into the kitchen and feed the kitten; we can choose between chicken, a hot dog, a hamburger, a pizza, a sandwich, some cereal, a muffin, ice cream, orange juice, soda, bananas, broccoli, a salad, watermelon, kiwi and lemon. When the kitten gets dirty and it’s covered in stains it’s time for a bath and a good rub! Go to the bathroom, pick up the sponge and start rubbing until the cat is covered in foam and bubbles and the dirt comes out. In the bathroom you will also find his medicine for when he’s sick, just grab it and give it to him before pimples start showing up. Kittens also need to rest, and they usually are real sleepyheads! So if your kitten seems sleepy bring him to the bedroom and just turn off the lights, he will fall asleep instantly! The Kitten Pet Carer house where the kitty cat lives has four rooms: the main hall, the bedroom, the kitchen, and the bathroom. Pick the furniture you want to put in each room by clicking the framed picture at the bottom of the screen. Add tables, chairs, carpets, closets and everything you want to make a cozier home. You can also dress your cat! There is a great collection of outfits that includes superhero suits! It has been scientifically proven that caring for pet animals enhances empathy and humane attitudes in children. Playing with virtual pets is also positive for kids and improves their social and emotional development. Kitten Pet Carer can help your children be more responsible about owning a pet and show them how important is to get good care of another living being. Grab a computer, a mobile phone, Android or iPhone, an iPad or a Tablet and play Kitten Pet Carer with your children. Having a pet is great responsibility but it is also great fun and has many advantages. Start with a virtual pet and have lots of fun!