Art Games for kids

Art games are the greatest way for kids to let their imagination grow and flow. Playing to these games improves the children’s creativity which is essential for their intellectual development. Painting and drawing have many benefits; it is a way for kids to express themselves and allows them to communicate emotionally. With our online art games every kid will have fun, and learning while having fun will help them to retain the information which will increase their knowledge. Creating their own masterpieces or coloring fun and educational drawings will wake up their enthusiasm and excitement which will lead to a better learning. They will also feel proud to be able to create new things and won’t be afraid to make mistakes. So grab your iPhone or Android phone, your Tablet or iPad, or even your computer and start playing with your kids and watch their creativity grow. Every game is for free and online so your children can play anywhere anytime.

Coloring Book

This coloring book is perfect for small kids that are having a first contact with colors. They can choose between three palettes of colors with the different tones of blue, green, red, pink and ora...

Selfie Stickers

Let your kid’s creativity grow thanks to Selfie Stickers, a video game where our little ones can play with their imagination by modifying their favorite photos. They will have fun using the sticker...

Paint Online

Paint online is the perfect video game for kids that are fond of drawing and painting. Kids need to let their creativity fly away, and what better way than giving them the tools to create Art? Pain...