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How to Use Video Games Productively

How to Use Video Games Productively

Often, when we think of video games, we just think of them as simply a fun thing to do and therefore we don’t want our little ones to spend too much time playing. But, despite the negative image that we have associated with video games, they are actually a very useful tool in child development and they encourage learning, when used responsibly and when adapted to their age. In this post, we will talk about how to use video games productively.

The Evolution of Video Games

The Beginning

When video games were created, they were seen as simply games. We all remember titles like PacMan and Snake, which were programs with simple graphics that had a simple goal: eat all the fruits and yellow dots in PacMan, and reach the maximum possible size in Snake. The purpose of these games was simply to have fun, and they were a very popular way to pass the time with friends.

The Development of Video Games

Over time, technology continued to evolve and the world of computing gradually transformed to become a very important aspect of our lives. And of course, with the advancement of technology, video games have advanced as well. Today, there are all kinds of games, with much more complex objectives and stories for all ages.

A New Kind of Video Game

In general, the main focus of video games is still to entertain people, but as video games evolved, we also realized that they could be a perfect tool to teach things to children in a playful way. A lot of work went into figuring out how to use video games productively, and in the end, we got it: the creation of educational video games, which aim to develop children’s potential in a natural way.

Video Games in Child Development

Child development is not only physical, but also mental and emotional. It is our role, as parents and teachers, to prepare children to interact and evolve in the world.

Learn by Playing

Many studies have shown that children learn best while playing. Children do not have great concentration skills and we all know how difficult it can be to hold their attention for a relatively long period of time, especially when we have to teach them things. For this reason, video games can be a perfect tool to promote learning in children, since they allow them to have fun. Therefore, video games for children are beneficial since they contribute to their development and knowledge acquisition. But as we have mentioned, there are all kinds of video games today, and that is why we have to be very careful with the titles we choose to know how to use video games productively.

Choose a Suitable Game

Although everyone can contribute in a positive way, we need to know how to choose video games that are aimed at the right age and audience. Video games often have a recommended age, known as PEGI. This is a good starting point to make sure that your little one is playing a video game adapted to their needs and their age. This not only ensures that the content of the game will be appropriate, but that the difficulty should also correspond to their level of development.

Consider Preferences

Each child is different and has their interests and preferences. As we have already said, children learn best when they are having fun. For this reason, you have to make sure that the video games that you present to them also correspond with their interests. If they find it boring, they will not want to continue playing and, therefore, learn. Nowadays, there are all kinds of video games, so you will surely be able to find something that corresponds to your little one. For more information, you can take a look here.

How to Use Video Games Productively in Kidmons

Games help parents and educators to support child development by stimulating their abilities, favoring their reasoning, and helping them to acquire knowledge. At Kidmons, we have a wide variety of titles that may be good for children based on the aspects of your child’s development that interest you most. Here we will give you a small list that can help you understand how to use video games productively on our online gaming platform.

Improve Memory and Problem Solving

Some of our games are based on the repetition of patterns of colors, sounds, or images to improve children’s memory in a playful way. Simon Memorize, based on the popular Simon Dice game, promotes concentration, reaction speed, and memory. Labyrinth Adventures, on the other hand, encourages them to try and find the right patterns to escape and get to the other side of the maze.

Learn English

At Kidmons, we have a series of puzzle games called Puzzle for Kids that focuses on progressively teaching children English. At the moment, we have three different titles: Puzzle 4 Kids, Puzzle for Kids: Wonders, and Puzzle for Kids: Safari. The objective of these games is to order the pieces of the puzzle to create an image and learn the corresponding word in English, which are everyday objects and even monuments and places in the world.

Encourage Creativity

At Kidmons, we have created video games that also focus on the development of children’s creativity and allow them to express themselves freely. In Paint Online, children can experiment with a number of different brushes to unleash their creativity, and in Coloring Book, they can color a large number of illustrations that introduce them to new animals, professions, modes of transportation, and much more.


Despite what we may think, video games have evolved very much and are an incredibly useful tool when it comes to teaching children concepts and preparing them for life. But to know how to use video games productively, there are several aspects to take into account, such as the age, the purpose of the video games, and the preferences of your child.