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Types of video games

Types of video games

Kidmons is an online children’s video game platform and it’s totally free. Kidmons educational video games have been developed to excite and entertain children from an early age. We have several types of video games, so you will surely find one that your little one will like.

You can see the complete list of our video games here.

Artistic games

At Kidmons, we’ve thought of all artistic souls and have several titles that will allow your little one to express themselves freely while saving the planet with all the paper you’ll save.

Coloring Book

Coloring Book, as its name suggests, is a game in which children can color illustrations of various themes: animals, means of transportation, cartoons, professions, and food.

Paint Online

For kids who prefer to draw by themselves, we have another game that might interest you: Paint Online. Here, instead of a catalog, children can create their own illustrations using all kinds of brushes, tools, and colors. And the best part is, once you’re done, you can save your little artist’s artwork, print it out, and even share it on Facebook so everyone can admire their talent!

Selfie Stickers

This game is a bit different from the other art games that we have presented. Indeed, here it is not a question of drawing or coloring, but of personalizing your own photos. If you have a camera on your mobile or your computer, the little one can take selfies and customize them with lots of stickers such as cat eyes, hats, mustaches… And if they can’t take any photos, that’s okay! We have a whole catalog of illustrations that you can customize as well. Let’s edit!

Puzzle games

Other types of video games that we have in Kidmons are puzzle games. This type of game is essential in children’s development and helps them progress and improve their ability to solve problems. For this reason, we have several titles that fit into this category at Kidmons. You can find the full list here, but here are a couple of examples.

Labyrinth Adventures

In this adventure game, children aim to escape from a maze by solving problems and finding the right path. They will learn from their mistakes and realize that sometimes you have to be wrong to be able to find a solution. One thing is certain: your little one will emerge from the maze with more confidence in his abilities and will have had a great time.

Puzzle for Kids: Wonders

Encourage your little one to discover all the wonderful things the world has to offer with Puzzle for Kids: Wonders! In this puzzle game, children must reconstruct an image to reveal a new animal, a monument, or even a tradition from another part of the world. They will learn about diversity and other countries while having fun doing puzzles!

Educational games

The most beneficial types of video games for children are educational video games. The advantage of these games is that they allow us to teach children things in a fun and original way. We’ve seen it before, with Labyrinth Adventures. Through their digital experiences, children can emerge transformed, with more confidence and better problem-solving skills. But educational video games not only serve to improve their skills, but they also teach new ones.

Puzzle 4 Kids and Puzzle for Kids: Safari

Like the title we have seen in the previous section, the objective of these games is to build an image. Unlike Puzzle for Kids Wonders, Puzzle 4 Kids and Puzzle For Kids: Safari also focus on learning English, introducing new words in the former and more emphasis on spelling in the latter. This helps children improve their reading speed while learning another language.

Piano Online

Piano Online is the perfect game to awaken children’s musical curiosity. In this musical game, children will be able to discover the bases of the instruments and learn the different notes while having fun and creating their own songs. In addition, they can also change the keystroke so that each note sounds like a different animal and thus learn the sounds of animals. Maybe your little one will become the next Mozart!


At Kidmons, we have many types of video games because we want each child to be able to have fun according to their interests: awakening creativity, improving the ability to solve problems, discovering new cultures and languages, developing new skills… Video games do it all! Children are the future, so we will continue creating new games to amuse them and help them grow. For more information on the transformative power of video games, we recommend that you read our article “How educational video games have changed the lives of these children” here.