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Learning with Video Games

Learning with Video Games

There are some things that are very difficult to learn. Mathematics, for example, is a subject that confuses even adults and raises the question: how can we teach it to children in a way that is simple and entertaining? Well, we can consider that learning with video games may be a viable solution.

Learning difficulties

Boring or difficult subjects

As we have just said, in education, there are concepts that can be difficult to understand or even boring for children. We have mentioned mathematics, but there are other subjects like grammar, science, or foreign languages that may also be a burden to some. A solution to this problem would be to present these materials in a more attractive way, such as learning with video games.

Personal Difficulties

Going beyond the nature of the subjects taught in schools, we must also take into account that each child has their own problems when it comes to learning. Every child is different and has their own strengths and weaknesses. In traditional education, since teachers cannot adapt to each student, they use a traditional method such as lecturing. Not understanding what is being taught can discourage children and cause them to lose interest in a subject.

¿Is Learning with Video Games Possible?

We all know that children learn best through playful activities, but why should we trust video games? Often when you think of video games, you just think of it as a distraction. In that case, how could learning with video games be an option?

Myths about video games

To many, video games are synonymous with wasted time and distraction. Today there is much talk about screen addiction and there are discussions about how they influence young people’s behavior. For this reason, video games are a highly controversial topic, and children’s ability to learn with them is distrusted. Are these beliefs true?

Educational Video Games

Of course not! Today, video games are not only used to provide us with entertainment, but there are games that are specially developed to facilitate learning and spread knowledge, known as educational video games. They have been created specifically to help children develop their abilities and introduce them to new concepts. Games like Simon Memorize, for example, help children improve their memory by repeating patterns, while Labyrinth Adventures teaches them the importance of making mistakes to find a solution. So, is learning with video games possible? Absolutely!

The Benefits of Learning with Video Games

Since we now know that learning with video games is possible and that there are video games specifically developed to educate children, we ask ourselves the following question: What do video games have that traditional education cannot provide?

A personalized experience

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, in a traditional class, teachers do not have time to explain things individually to each student. Children can become frustrated when they don’t understand a certain oncept or when they fail to finish an exercise. Well, educational video games have a solution for that. Video games have the ability to adapt to each child. If a level is too difficult for a child, then the overall difficulty will automatically change so the learning process is gradual, allowing the child to progress at their own pace without feeling discouraged. This will increase their confidence in their own abilities.

Intrinsic motivation in video games

In addition to their ability to adapt to each child, video games also know how to keep them focused and motivated thanks to a series of objectives and rewards that can be unlocked when the objectives are met. This notion of reward helps children to feel motivated when they understand a concept and encourages them to continue playing and, consequently, to continue learning. Video games offer them a dynamic and rewarding experience, and allow them to learn while having fun. Take a look at our article “The Benefits of Educational Video Games” for more information.


Despite what we may think at first, it is totally possible to learn with video games. Video games allow difficult or even boring concepts to be presented to children in an interesting way, adapted to their needs. Nowadays, we have many educational video games, specifically created to help children develop their abilities and boost their confidence. Here, you can take a look to find out more about how video games have changed the lives of these children.