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Children’s logical reasoning: How can we stimulate it?

Children's logical reasoning: How can we stimulate it

Children’s logical reasoning is a process of thought structuring carried out according to the rules of logic. It allows children to develop and solve their problems better, as well as helping them to reflect and make decisions.

Therefore, the more children are trained in this ability, the better their performance in their daily activities will be, such as higher grades in tests and improvement in the learning process. This strategy also helps the child to become an adult who is more aware of their decisions and more prepared for the job market.

Put together a jigsaw puzzle with your child

In a puzzle game like Puzzle4Kids, little ones need to pay extra attention to find the right pieces and form an image according to the proposed model. In other words, it is necessary to activate logic and memory to solve the “problem”.

By trying to overcome the challenge together with your child, they will improve their learning and visual stimulation. In the same way, it will be possible to activate logical reasoning and make the child feel more motivated to do the activity more quickly.

Present them with board games

To improve your child’s development, set aside some time during the day to practise this activity together with them. This way, in addition to being closer to your child, it will also be a great time to help develop children’s logical thinking. Board games such as chess, draughts and ludo are a great option for activating children’s logical thinking. This is because, to win the game, children are encouraged to make decisions and anticipate some moves. With this, they can work better on their memory and concentration.

Remember: as these games are more complex and require the participation of more than one player, it is essential that you teach your child to play correctly. Therefore, don’t forget to explain the rules and show the function of each of the pieces on the board.

Play with modelling paste

For younger children, playdough or modelling paste is ideal for developing new ways of reasoning and for improving the brain’s cognition. Thus, in a fun way, little ones can have better interaction of body and mind which helps motor coordination, concentration, and logical reasoning.

Play with Lego

Lego allows children to build different toys by joining pieces together. The construction of these building blocks helps to broaden children’s perception of geometric figures and abstract thinking. To work properly, you must teach your child to combine different parts of the construction of the toy. This will allow them to achieve a logical and creative composition of the objects. And the best thing of all is that lego puzzles have no predefined rules, so little ones will be encouraged to come up with different creations.

Use of sequence and memory games

Logical sequence games like Simon Memorize are ideal for activating children’s logical reasoning. This can be done by playing with pictures, which must be placed in a certain order that makes sense. Your child will then be able to think better by testing the different possibilities until they can make the sequence correctly.

Don’t forget that there are sequencing games suitable for each age group. This allows older children to develop more complex activities which involve mathematical operations, for example. This will improve child development.

Robotics classes

Many schools offer robotics classes for children. This is a great option to stimulate children’s learning, as it can help them relate better and have a broader knowledge of digital elements.

Studying robotics goes far beyond creating the programming for the system. It also helps the student to be able to structure the machine correctly. This means that this study enables the person to think of solutions to possible problems, which is fundamental to activate children’s logical reasoning.

By means of robotics classes, your child will be able to learn about various areas of knowledge, besides enabling the resolution of challenges that stimulate the elaboration of creative solutions. For example, to create a game or application, it is necessary to think about all the details of the tool, such as the commands that will be executed in the system and the actions that will happen after the user interacts with the software.

Stimulate the use of videogames

If used correctly and without exaggeration, videogames also help improve logical thinking in children in a healthy way. This is because, by being able to develop cognitive skills, this game encourages strategic and critical thinking.

Videogames are also essential to help children achieve their goals and objectives more easily. Besides helping to improve motor coordination, memory, concentration etc. Therefore, do not stop stimulating your child to play video games. But remember that this should be done in moderation and without excess so that the game does not become an addiction and harm the health of children. It is ideal to establish a specific day and time for them to play with their game.